Political correctness and the stifling of free thought….

As usual per usual on Monday’s at work I play catch up on the previous week’s Anthony Cumia show (the one benefit of being a truck driver, the radio becomes your work partner). Last Thursday he had Jim Norton and Von Decarlo on discussing the upcoming Patrice O’Neal documentary (not to mention a lot of the other issues going on which any O&A fan is familiar with). They played a clip of Patrice on Fox that while years old still resonates today. Ask you take a moment to listen to it. It’s the best argument against political correctness and false outrage I’ve ever heard.



The right to be offended is a topic that comes up quite often on my podcast. It sickens me every time I look on facebook and see people rallying against someone who said this or did that when it was in the name of humor. You see comedy always comes from a hurtful place. Whether it be your own pain, the suffering of others, ripping on a person, religion, product, or idea, in the end negativity is the birthplace of all humor. Telling a racist joke doesn’t make you a racist. Same goes for a gay, misogynistic, or any other type of joke doesn’t make you against that particular group. We’re so uptight and quick to jump on the anti-bullying bandwagon we’ve forgotten how to laugh. I look at the recent fraternity scandals that have plagued the news lately and am simply disgusted by the outrage towards them. Why? Because this is how they’ve always acted the only difference is now we have big brother (ourselves with cell phone cameras) outing their actions. Without that video it would be a complete non-story. All the students at these schools (or anyone else for that matter) who are shocked at this going on were living in a world of naivety. You get a group of friends together and something awful will be said in the name of humor by someone. Think of the last time you went out with your friends, guarantee a joke in “poor taste” was told by someone, and equally am sure at least one of you laughed (even if it was in uncomfortability). This is how we interact with each other.

All political correctness does is kill creativity. It brainwashes us all into thinking the same way and going along with the status quo ending any chance of free thought. Artistry (whether that be comedy, music, film, writing, whatever) is only created by free thought. It’s by thinking outside the box and doing something different that something new is created. We’re becoming a society of zombies and rats. Either mindless idiots willing to follow whatever is being forced down their throat, or taking great joy in getting someone else in trouble for their actions or words when really no one has gotten hurt. Who knew the most important aspect of Super Bowl XXXVIII wasn’t the final score, but Janet Jackson’s nip slip. That moment was the beginning of this PC movement which has only gotten worse every year since….


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