I will never eat a baked good from there

Preface- All thoughts and views are my own. This is in the NSFW section of the blog, anything said is either in jest or simply an observation. Don’t read if you’re easily offended in any way, or take things too seriously.

There’s been a strange trend here in Maryland lately, especially in PG County. The seediest strip clubs have all been converted into Hispanic bakeries and eateries. This phenomenon started about a decade ago when they converted the one on Annapolis Road to Dulce Vida Bakery and it spread from there. Three Captains which was the lowest of the low when it came to adult entertainment (again located on 450) is now Delicias La Chosita…

I get it, the property is cheap, so perfect place to start a business. The hygiene aspect though. I don’t care how much cleaning they’ve done or renovations, you can’t wash away the filth of what went on in those buildings. I never was a fan of strip clubs. I don’t go into them unless dragged by a friend, and the last time I went was more than a decade ago. An ex-friend of mine was though. He took me into Three Captains one time, what I saw I will never forget. I’m all for doing whatever you have to do to make ends meet, but… Not saying anyone else shouldn’t eat there, I just can’t even drive by it without the horrible image of a tampon string flashing through my brain…..


This will be the last entry in this category…

Was able to recover the log in information for the Vapor Reporter site. Needless to say I’m ecstatic about it. Means there’s no need for me to continue talking about vaping here on Mind of Morandir, which is reminiscent of how MoM the podcast was born. I wasn’t happy being locked in to one topic. I love discussing vaping, but have a lot of other ideas and focuses. It’s why I went into a different direction when Willard Rhodes left. Now can separate the two shows/sites again. Also means that Rocco sir and Ms. Stephanie can write up whatever they wish on the VR site without intruding on whatever it is I do over here. Works out for everyone.

For now will keep the battery tests and the episode 17 write up, but some of the blogs will be moved over tonight. It’s good I didn’t have a podcast planned, though am reposting one of my favorites not on SoundCloud, and may not get to do another until Thursday or Friday. Have some serious work to do over the next few days getting the VR blog site revamped and up to date.

On Mental Irregularities

Notice that the word handicap is omitted… Diagnoses like ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome, and the like are not problems. They do not make someone less than. They are gifts. Properties that set others apart from the “norm”, but in essence isn’t that just being human? Normality doesn’t exist in our species. Would go as far to say humanity is the antithesis of normal. We are the lone creature on this planet that exists outside the natural system of life on earth. We make nature work for us, not the other way around. This has lead to many great and terrible things. I digress….

You see ADD and ADHD are simply people who’s brains are constantly functioning on high alert. They focus on many things at once, and while this may seem counterintuitive, allows for more creativity and problem solving. There is a downside, but that’s universal to everything. People with Down Syndrome are locked in a constant state of childlike innocence. A very good friend of mine happened to be born with an extra chromosome. He is an absolute joy to be around (or terror when he throws a temper tantrum). He’s forever young, something that should be celebrated, not looked on as a deterrent. When it comes autism or Asperger’s it’s not that they don’t understand the world. They see and take it in a way that has no words to describe in the English language. It’s that the world doesn’t understand them. When you come face to face with someone who is functioning on a whole different wavelength than most of society, especially when that person lacks a filter, it can be downright shocking to some…

The point is these disorders are not the problem, how society handles them is. Too few people take the time to interact and understand that which is different. They’ll read an article, maybe hit a like or favorite button, stop saying the word retarded, might even go so far as to donate to a charity in research of whatever disorder they chose… But rarely do they go and do the simplest action to show support. Interacting and getting to know someone with these issues. Instead of treating them like they’re “special” or suffering, treating them like any other person. In the end that’s what they are, a person…

No podcast tonight, so you get a blog instead….

Have to complete something for work, namely filling out my insurance, so can’t record tonight. Company I work for requires us taking a health assessment and watch a number of videos to complete. Doing this instead of watching said clips, especially since the fact I vape negates any saving participating in this potentially gives (yet they force you to do). In fact as I’m typing this am listening to my good buddy’s Travis’ Podcast and playing them on mute so paying no attention to them. Besides what I wanted to talk about tonight really didn’t want to do alone. A friend was going to come over tonight and figured we would do one about all the dumb crap we’ve done over the years. Oh well, another night.

Instead wanted to type up some of my random thoughts. This is crap I come up with while at work, alone in the house, or pretty much whenever…. Take it whatever way you will, most of it is simply to amuse myself.

The best place to start this soon to be abortion of a category is to share the story of Hoeho Lahgotti. About a decade ago came up with this character, working an overnight where I had not slept for 36 hours straight and we had a corporate visit the next day. My sister happened to be working that night to be sure we were ready, and at about 3 a.m. looked at her and said “I know what happened yesterday.” She gave me a confused look, “What the hell are you talking about?” “You know, you got the beaten up by Hoeho.” “Who the fuck is Hoeho?” And thus was born Hoeho Lahgotti. A two year old assassin who killed his father and stole his pet monkey Littl’ Peecho for leaving his hooker of a mother when he found she was pregnant. He trained in every form of martial arts on his 3rd day of life. By 6 months he was a master of every edged weapon and expert marksmen….. I wish the story ended here…. No, I gave him a birthday (July 19th). I threw parties for this “imaginary” kid until he was 7. His story grew and grew. Have a whole notebook telling the story of this psychotic little urchin and his happy adventures. Of Little Tommy Two Fingers and how he’s gotten his name…. I have ruined many a day of loved ones regaling tales of the daily interactions this “imaginary” kid…. So on days I have nothing else to type up but the bug hits me, and either not in the mood or unable to record a podcast, well…. Now your day can be ruined by reading this.

Have a good night….

VR episode 17, more than just an episode

After re-listening to it this morning, realized we experienced something pretty amazing yesterday. Very often we hear stories of people’s hardships with vaping, but none like what Chas sir shared. Here was a man stationed overseas serving our country trying to find a way to quit while keeping alive. 7 day, 12 hour work weeks. Whatever free time he had he spent researching what products would work best and asking whatever questions he could. Fact he was able to find a solution with all that was going on is simply mind boggling. He had real concerns when it came to his vaping needs. There was no overnight shipping. No way of knowing when the next order would come in. If there was a miss-shipped item depending on what it was, could be devastating. He faced more trials and tribulations doing his job than most of us will ever see in our lifetime, and we have people who complain when their local B&M is out of their favorite juice… Go ballistic if they get the wrong item sent…. Make posts on FB when their package is 2 days late…. Yet here’s a man who had a real right to, and in all the years I’ve known him he’s never done one of those things. Kind of puts this all in perspective doesn’t it?

I want to thank Chas sir again for sharing his story with us. It easily fits into what’s been a common theme on both shows lately- taking a step back and looking at the big picture. I’m sure there are many others who have or are currently serving who share similar stories, and hope that hearing his journey will help you. Here’s a link to the episode- VR#017 just in case it gets buried in the feed. To me this one of the highlights since we started doing the program. It went beyond vaping….

Don’t know if this is a good thing…

Played around on Wednesday and put up a very bare bones podcast. Did some more this afternoon and found a program that I can live with, tested the 3.5mm mic that came with my soundcard, and needless to say sounded pretty decent. With the work arounds can actually record on site and post a podcast anytime. Just won’t have any music unless I’m in the car and use that. Oh well. Just not sure if me being able to put up content anytime is a good thing. Does open the door for me to put up some of the great conversations I get to have with random people on the street. The flip side is also means some of my really insane ramblings while driving will find their way on to the soundcloud. The price of technology….

AW 800mah 15C 18350 testing

Just like with the 18490 AW’s, these tests date back to January of this year. These are the new AW 18350 high drains that were released at the end of last year. Let’s start with the specs-

Maximum Voltage- 4.2V, Nominal Voltage- 3.7V, Capacity- 800mAh, Lowest Discharge Voltage- 2.50V, Maximum charging rate 0.8A, Cycle Life- > 500 cycles, Maximum continuous discharge rate- 12A, Operating Discharge Temperature: -10 – 60 Degree Celsius, Dimensions- 18.15 x 34.82 (+/-0.05)mm

I did run these down to the 2.5v as stated in the specs, simply because of how small the capacity is on the 18350. Keep in mind you’ll never be able to hit those low voltages on any regulated mod. There’s just not that much useable mAh. You don’t get 18350 cells for the length of charge, you use them so you can have a small form factor. As per usual all tests were done on two batteries, 5 runs each, and the most average of the 10 samples is the one that is posted. Here’s the original voltage curve after the first 5 cycles-

AW 800mah

Pretty much got what I expected. No problems at all with 10A of current, though you won’t get much use time at that current in real world applications. Highest temperature either cell reached in testing was 46.2 Celsius. As mentioned in the 18490 tests, am limited to the confines of my hobby charger, so again couldn’t do a monitored test at it’s maximum current rating. Improvised and used a vape set up that would. No problems to report at 12A. Mod never got hot, batteries did get a little warm (51 Celsius), but nothing out of range. Use time was greatly reduced, only got 31 minutes and 14 seconds (+/- 3 seconds) of actual use time before putting them on the charger. Final voltage was 3.42 on the battery. Now lets take a look at them after 75 cycles-

AW 800mah After 75 charges

Not much change, though a little. A few times there was a .02 voltage difference compared to the original run. These batteries have been ran hard though so not too surprised. We’ll see what it looks like after 150 charges in a few months. All in all they’re still the best 18350 cells I’ve tested to date.