A weekend to forget (from 7/7/14)

Decided to add a few of my old blogs from the old site and the old network. Will start with this one, it’s from 7/7/14 as stated in the title….

For those who don’t know, SiriusXM celebrated Independence day in the most hypocritical fashion possible. They fired Anthony Cumia for comments he made on his twitter account after being assaulted in time square. Were they racial? Yes. Were they uncalled for? Depends on how you look at it.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Washington DC area, home to one of the greatest radio stations ever WJFK. It filled the airways with some of the greatest talents in radio history- Don and Mike, Opie and Anthony, Ron and Fez, Big O and Dukes, and even Howard Stern (was never a fan, sorry). Talk radio was what fueled my childhood, and when I become a local delivery driver in 2003 the personalities became my invisible passengers while dealing with the insane drivers and traffic of the DC area. On July 20th 2009 WJFK died. CBS decided to switch formats and turn the once mighty station into “the fan”, where it has rotted like a diseased cesspool since. Lacking the creativity and honesty of the old format. It was then I made my full time switch to XM, the only place to hear O&A and Ron and Fez. Had no issue paying to hear the shows that entertained me and kept me as sane as possible while behind the wheel.


Since the Sirius takeover of XM though the Livewire/The Virus/OpieandAnthony channel has been constantly shat upon by management. Old equipment, smaller space, more and more rules. Would explain the sign “Don’t go home with hope” above the door. They’ve had interns taken away, producers banned from being able to speak on the air, special interns forbidden from using the bathrooms, list goes on and on. Through it all though they continued to put on one of the best radio shows period. Mean, completely politically incorrect, thought provoking, and intelligent radio balanced with enough dick and fart jokes to keep it digestible. In other words a warped brains dream. All that ended late July 3rd 2014. Sirius decided to fire Anthony Cumia for what he said on his twitter…. The hypocrisy, it’s all things he has said on the air before hand. This is a man who with Patrice O’Neal (how I wish he was alive right now) played the game on air of Gangsta vs Nazi. Mr. Cumia has always been racial. So was Patrice, so is Keith Robinson, DL Hughley, Louis C.K., list goes on. It’s the comedian’s job to make light of a topic so it can actually be discussed. Will some be offended in this process? Of course, anyone can be offended by anything. That’s the true essence though of the first amendment. It’s not the freedom for you to say whatever you like, it’s the right for someone else to say something you completely disagree with. It’s the right to be offended. Anyone who actually listened to the Opie and Anthony show would know that was par for the course from Mr. Cumia when he went on his twitter “tirade”.

I can’t say I agreed with everything Mr. Cumia said in that rant, but on the same note was happy he said it. It was further proof of what makes O&A such a special show, who they are on the radio isn’t a character they created- it is who they are. It’s why radio has become such an abysmal media. While TV is more respected, movies considered an art form, radio has always been the media people connect with. You can’t connect with fake personalities. Your cookie cutter morning shows, your clones clone sports jock, etc. are simply background noise and nothing more. The true radio host is someone who is who they are. Whether that be a carny who reads people like no one else, a quick witted comedian with a love for transsexuals, or an annoying kiss ass shit stirrer. It’s why it’s impossible to listen to Chad Dukes of today compared to the one from Big O and Dukes. He stopped being himself long ago in order to kiss the ass of CBS and his co-host LaVar Arrington. The LaVar and Dukes show offends me every time I listen to it. Yet I haven’t written CBS for them to be fired, or taken any other actions except to call and cuss out the call screener for their stupidity….

I digress. Want to take a second to say thank you to Anthony Cumia for all the hours of entertainment he’s given me over the past 12 plus years on the O&A show. Know whatever you go on to do will be a success and look forward to hearing it (most likely Live From The Compound). Waiting until the 14th to decide if I’m keeping my subscription or going to audible.com to hear Opie & Jim and Ron and Fez the next day commercial free. Great job Sirius on destroying a once great idea and product.


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