It’s going to be a busy week…

After a long talk with my co-worker today taking next week off after Sunday to try and heal. This is a good and bad thing. Bad I’m burning a week of vaca to recover. Good because I can hopefully get back to recording more shows (sitting has been an issue which is why I’ve only done one so far this week), not to mention finally get some figures posted on the latest testing I’ve been doing. Between all that will hopefully be going to an interview (need to change professions for health reasons, body can’t take the strain anymore). So expect to see a lot of activity.

On a side note found out this morning the dog we tried to rescue and get to the shelter yesterday who dodged us multiple times was picked up by animal control. I’m sure the little guy will be adopted quickly, and if not will be contacting some rescues if he’s up on PG’s site for more than 30 days. He deserves a good home.


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