Taking a step back….

This is kind of a continuation of the last episode of MoM (4-10-15), and something I’ll be discussing on a future podcast as well. We opened up the show discussing an ad by Depaul International-

A very powerful image, something you can only get the message by taking a step back and looking at the full picture. So last night as I laid on the couch waiting on the pain meds to kick in was taking a step back and looking at a lot of the things that are going on in my life and how I’ve gotten to where I am now. There’s one thing I’ve lacked at times, because in my anger or rage forget to take the time to be grateful for the small victories. That’s be thankful for the simple fact I’m still alive even with all the stupid things I’ve done. More than that, I have the friendship of some pretty amazing people. People who are much greater than myself who for whatever reason enjoy my company. So while I still may bitch and complain at times, am also doing my best to balance the angst with thanks.

Which was why I chose the two songs I did to open and close the show yesterday. “Counting” is a song about just that. Rob Hinkal wrote that song from that very point of view (hence me stealing his quote). “Seat (Broken Chair Legs)” is one of survival. Even if someone crushes you and never appreciated all that you did or just being there, you’ll remain. I can’t say how thankful I am that years ago my wife and I showed up late to Dogfish Head in Gaithersburg and was rewarded to seeing one of the best bands in Maryland (not to mention the country). Their music has meant a lot to both us, and still can’t put into words how honored we were that they played at our 5th anniversary. Ask you to please check out their website- ilyAIMY.com.

Also am happy to see that my wife is now blogging, she is a master of the written word. Just wish I could get her on the podcast more often, but yeah. Ask you check out her work at BrokenIsABeautifulThing here on WordPress. With that have a great day. Go out and enjoy yourself.


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