A message to all vapers….

We preach it a lot on Vapor Reporter but it’s something that can’t be stressed enough. It truly doesn’t matter what you vape, just that you vape. I get hobbyists. People who want the newest item as soon as it’s released, have an abundance of PV’s they’ll seldom use, list goes on. For those of us that are vaping because we just don’t want to smoke though, there’s no need to feel you have to keep up with the enthusiast crowd. You just need something that works for you. If that’s a stick batt and a carto, then be proud and happy with the fact that it works for you. Too many times have I seen vapers get caught in fads and spend their hard earned money on devices that simply don’t fit their vaping style. I’m posting a pic of my current collection not to brag, but to show what I mean. Three of these devices are technology or design that’s 3 plus years old. The newest tech I have is the enda DNA30 that I bought last year after my Provari 2.0 finally started having issues. Before that the Provari 1.1 (with the screwed in screen) was my only advanced device. I would have kept it longer not for tragic run in with a box truck that killed it. No one will call the Kayfun Lite +, over a year old now, new tech. That’s the only non-genesis style RBA I own or use. Genny’s have lost their luster in the mainstream, I’ve actually had vapers get on my case for still using them when I’ve gone into shops or at meets. I’ve stuck with them because they fit my vaping style, especially the Kraken which is my constant companion at work. I’m less concerned with making clouds as I am with getting flavor and nicotine (not that I have anything against cloud chasers as long as they know what they’re doing, just not one). Point is instead of worrying about what PV, RDA, RBA, or RTA you don’t have, focus on what you do. Doesn’t matter if it’s a clone, a gas station kit, 4 years old, or brand spankin’ new $300 high end device. If it works and keeps you away from cigarettes then it’s the best device ever made.


Current Collection Cropped

And yes that is Starscream photo bombing….


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