The AW 2200mah 20A cells after 100 chargers

Back in November started doing the first tests on the new AW 18650 cells. You can see my original post about them here on ECF. As Promised, once again ran them through the all the rigors after 100 uses. For any of you who may be wondering what the cells have been up to for the past 95-96 charges in between, they’ve been used in a DNA30 powered device over the past almost 5 months. They’ve been rarely ran down past 3.51v (check them before charging them. DNA based devices do not show battery voltage, so improvised), and have been charged either on a pila @ 600ma\60.2ma or on the Xtar SP2 @ 1A\102ma. Lowest they’ve ever come off the charger is at 4.177v, highest 4.191v (both on the pila oddly enough). Tests were done with 5 runs each, and the chart is created from the run closest to the average of the 5. Without further ramblings let get to the hard data. First here’s the chart from the original run-

AW 2200mah chart

Now here’s the chart form after 100 uses-

AW 2200 After 100 charges

Not much has changed, not that I was expecting it to. AW cells have had a long track record for consistency. I’ve yet to encounter one that didn’t make it to it’s 490th charge while retaining greater than 75% of capacity. Up next will be a hard data review of the new 18490’s, getting the graphs together later this afternoon. Need a short break from the numbers.


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