AW 800mah 15C 18350 testing

Just like with the 18490 AW’s, these tests date back to January of this year. These are the new AW 18350 high drains that were released at the end of last year. Let’s start with the specs-

Maximum Voltage- 4.2V, Nominal Voltage- 3.7V, Capacity- 800mAh, Lowest Discharge Voltage- 2.50V, Maximum charging rate 0.8A, Cycle Life- > 500 cycles, Maximum continuous discharge rate- 12A, Operating Discharge Temperature: -10 – 60 Degree Celsius, Dimensions- 18.15 x 34.82 (+/-0.05)mm

I did run these down to the 2.5v as stated in the specs, simply because of how small the capacity is on the 18350. Keep in mind you’ll never be able to hit those low voltages on any regulated mod. There’s just not that much useable mAh. You don’t get 18350 cells for the length of charge, you use them so you can have a small form factor. As per usual all tests were done on two batteries, 5 runs each, and the most average of the 10 samples is the one that is posted. Here’s the original voltage curve after the first 5 cycles-

AW 800mah

Pretty much got what I expected. No problems at all with 10A of current, though you won’t get much use time at that current in real world applications. Highest temperature either cell reached in testing was 46.2 Celsius. As mentioned in the 18490 tests, am limited to the confines of my hobby charger, so again couldn’t do a monitored test at it’s maximum current rating. Improvised and used a vape set up that would. No problems to report at 12A. Mod never got hot, batteries did get a little warm (51 Celsius), but nothing out of range. Use time was greatly reduced, only got 31 minutes and 14 seconds (+/- 3 seconds) of actual use time before putting them on the charger. Final voltage was 3.42 on the battery. Now lets take a look at them after 75 cycles-

AW 800mah After 75 charges

Not much change, though a little. A few times there was a .02 voltage difference compared to the original run. These batteries have been ran hard though so not too surprised. We’ll see what it looks like after 150 charges in a few months. All in all they’re still the best 18350 cells I’ve tested to date.


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