VR episode 17, more than just an episode

After re-listening to it this morning, realized we experienced something pretty amazing yesterday. Very often we hear stories of people’s hardships with vaping, but none like what Chas sir shared. Here was a man stationed overseas serving our country trying to find a way to quit while keeping alive. 7 day, 12 hour work weeks. Whatever free time he had he spent researching what products would work best and asking whatever questions he could. Fact he was able to find a solution with all that was going on is simply mind boggling. He had real concerns when it came to his vaping needs. There was no overnight shipping. No way of knowing when the next order would come in. If there was a miss-shipped item depending on what it was, could be devastating. He faced more trials and tribulations doing his job than most of us will ever see in our lifetime, and we have people who complain when their local B&M is out of their favorite juice… Go ballistic if they get the wrong item sent…. Make posts on FB when their package is 2 days late…. Yet here’s a man who had a real right to, and in all the years I’ve known him he’s never done one of those things. Kind of puts this all in perspective doesn’t it?

I want to thank Chas sir again for sharing his story with us. It easily fits into what’s been a common theme on both shows lately- taking a step back and looking at the big picture. I’m sure there are many others who have or are currently serving who share similar stories, and hope that hearing his journey will help you. Here’s a link to the episode- VR#017 just in case it gets buried in the feed. To me this one of the highlights since we started doing the program. It went beyond vaping….


One thought on “VR episode 17, more than just an episode

  1. Mr. Morandir sir, it was a privilege to sit down and talk to you, Rocco sir and Ms Stepanie! I am humbled by you post good sir!!


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