No podcast tonight, so you get a blog instead….

Have to complete something for work, namely filling out my insurance, so can’t record tonight. Company I work for requires us taking a health assessment and watch a number of videos to complete. Doing this instead of watching said clips, especially since the fact I vape negates any saving participating in this potentially gives (yet they force you to do). In fact as I’m typing this am listening to my good buddy’s Travis’ Podcast and playing them on mute so paying no attention to them. Besides what I wanted to talk about tonight really didn’t want to do alone. A friend was going to come over tonight and figured we would do one about all the dumb crap we’ve done over the years. Oh well, another night.

Instead wanted to type up some of my random thoughts. This is crap I come up with while at work, alone in the house, or pretty much whenever…. Take it whatever way you will, most of it is simply to amuse myself.

The best place to start this soon to be abortion of a category is to share the story of Hoeho Lahgotti. About a decade ago came up with this character, working an overnight where I had not slept for 36 hours straight and we had a corporate visit the next day. My sister happened to be working that night to be sure we were ready, and at about 3 a.m. looked at her and said “I know what happened yesterday.” She gave me a confused look, “What the hell are you talking about?” “You know, you got the beaten up by Hoeho.” “Who the fuck is Hoeho?” And thus was born Hoeho Lahgotti. A two year old assassin who killed his father and stole his pet monkey Littl’ Peecho for leaving his hooker of a mother when he found she was pregnant. He trained in every form of martial arts on his 3rd day of life. By 6 months he was a master of every edged weapon and expert marksmen….. I wish the story ended here…. No, I gave him a birthday (July 19th). I threw parties for this “imaginary” kid until he was 7. His story grew and grew. Have a whole notebook telling the story of this psychotic little urchin and his happy adventures. Of Little Tommy Two Fingers and how he’s gotten his name…. I have ruined many a day of loved ones regaling tales of the daily interactions this “imaginary” kid…. So on days I have nothing else to type up but the bug hits me, and either not in the mood or unable to record a podcast, well…. Now your day can be ruined by reading this.

Have a good night….


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