On Mental Irregularities

Notice that the word handicap is omitted… Diagnoses like ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome, and the like are not problems. They do not make someone less than. They are gifts. Properties that set others apart from the “norm”, but in essence isn’t that just being human? Normality doesn’t exist in our species. Would go as far to say humanity is the antithesis of normal. We are the lone creature on this planet that exists outside the natural system of life on earth. We make nature work for us, not the other way around. This has lead to many great and terrible things. I digress….

You see ADD and ADHD are simply people who’s brains are constantly functioning on high alert. They focus on many things at once, and while this may seem counterintuitive, allows for more creativity and problem solving. There is a downside, but that’s universal to everything. People with Down Syndrome are locked in a constant state of childlike innocence. A very good friend of mine happened to be born with an extra chromosome. He is an absolute joy to be around (or terror when he throws a temper tantrum). He’s forever young, something that should be celebrated, not looked on as a deterrent. When it comes autism or Asperger’s it’s not that they don’t understand the world. They see and take it in a way that has no words to describe in the English language. It’s that the world doesn’t understand them. When you come face to face with someone who is functioning on a whole different wavelength than most of society, especially when that person lacks a filter, it can be downright shocking to some…

The point is these disorders are not the problem, how society handles them is. Too few people take the time to interact and understand that which is different. They’ll read an article, maybe hit a like or favorite button, stop saying the word retarded, might even go so far as to donate to a charity in research of whatever disorder they chose… But rarely do they go and do the simplest action to show support. Interacting and getting to know someone with these issues. Instead of treating them like they’re “special” or suffering, treating them like any other person. In the end that’s what they are, a person…


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