This will be the last entry in this category…

Was able to recover the log in information for the Vapor Reporter site. Needless to say I’m ecstatic about it. Means there’s no need for me to continue talking about vaping here on Mind of Morandir, which is reminiscent of how MoM the podcast was born. I wasn’t happy being locked in to one topic. I love discussing vaping, but have a lot of other ideas and focuses. It’s why I went into a different direction when Willard Rhodes left. Now can separate the two shows/sites again. Also means that Rocco sir and Ms. Stephanie can write up whatever they wish on the VR site without intruding on whatever it is I do over here. Works out for everyone.

For now will keep the battery tests and the episode 17 write up, but some of the blogs will be moved over tonight. It’s good I didn’t have a podcast planned, though am reposting one of my favorites not on SoundCloud, and may not get to do another until Thursday or Friday. Have some serious work to do over the next few days getting the VR blog site revamped and up to date.


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