I will never eat a baked good from there

Preface- All thoughts and views are my own. This is in the NSFW section of the blog, anything said is either in jest or simply an observation. Don’t read if you’re easily offended in any way, or take things too seriously.

There’s been a strange trend here in Maryland lately, especially in PG County. The seediest strip clubs have all been converted into Hispanic bakeries and eateries. This phenomenon started about a decade ago when they converted the one on Annapolis Road to Dulce Vida Bakery and it spread from there. Three Captains which was the lowest of the low when it came to adult entertainment (again located on 450) is now Delicias La Chosita…

I get it, the property is cheap, so perfect place to start a business. The hygiene aspect though. I don’t care how much cleaning they’ve done or renovations, you can’t wash away the filth of what went on in those buildings. I never was a fan of strip clubs. I don’t go into them unless dragged by a friend, and the last time I went was more than a decade ago. An ex-friend of mine was though. He took me into Three Captains one time, what I saw I will never forget. I’m all for doing whatever you have to do to make ends meet, but… Not saying anyone else shouldn’t eat there, I just can’t even drive by it without the horrible image of a tampon string flashing through my brain…..


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