5 lessons I learned from my dogs

There’s a reason for the old cliche. Dogs and humans have had a symbiotic relationship that started thousands years ago. The only question left unanswered is which side started it… That will remain one of life’s mysteries. All I know is humans wouldn’t be around if that friendship hadn’t formed. That’s not really point of this though. That which was once the wolf has given us more than just the ability to survive, it’s taught us life lessons which there’s no real way of putting a value on. They truly define certain phrases and words that we over use in our day to day vocabulary….


Unconditional love- Dogs don’t put stipulations on their feelings towards their humans. They don’t care if you’re poor, what color of skin you have, what you’ve done in your past, they just love you. One of the most heart touching moments in my life was seeing the relationship between a homeless person and his dog. It personafied the term. Here was a man with nothing, and his dog was right beside him. No collar, no leash, choosing to be with his friend through their hardship. He wasn’t even concerned about his own well being, all he was asking for was some food for his dog. That one moment showed not only the best of our four legged friend, but the best of humanity… Which leads to the second lesson.

Loyalty- No animal on earth is as loyal as a dog. It goes beyond the boundaries of life itself. The internet is filled with stories of K9’s who will go to their owner’s grave site after they’ve departed. They will stand guard by your body and mourn, unlike cats. Sadly there is a downside to their loyalty… This has lead to the abuse of many a dog by the awfulness of some humans. They will stand by their person even if they hit them, fight them, neglect them, list goes on. Look no further than the pit bull to see the perfect example of this trait. Their loyalty and want to please their owner gets them the bad reputation they’ve suffered from for going on two decades. Yet it was once the official dog of America. Can’t help but feel we’ve lost something through demonizing of the breed…. I digress.


To enjoy the little things- Dogs get excited over every day occurrences. Whether it be you coming home, going outside, breakfast, just being alive. Their happiness isn’t dependant on material things. They find joy no matter the situation. It’s almost as if it’s some deep ingrained genetic trait that they live their life to the fullest. Like they know deep down their years are finite and refuse to waste a second of it. Even when they sleep they do so in a way few humans seem to achieve. They are the embodiment of not wasting a moment…

Always use your imagination- Dogs are one of the most creative species on the planet.  Would argue with anyone who thinks dogs lack ingenuity. They can make a toy out of anything. Sticks, old plastic bottles, a forgotten tennis ball, trash, there’s just no limit. They always find new ways to entertain themselves. They’re proof that boredom has to be a human creation. How many people have owned a dog that could escape whatever holding pen you put them in, or any leash for that matter? Loki (the golden dwarf dog in the pics) can and has. We know deep down he’s chosen to stay here. His last escape was in fall, he didn’t run off. Just figured out how to undo the gate on the fence so he could go say hello to the 4 year old kid walking down the street with her family…

Sleeping Mario

The last lesson is the most important… It’s why I believe every kid needs a dog. They teach you that life has a cost. No matter how much you love someone or something, at some point the laws of the world will come into play. Yet the final lesson of death doesn’t erase all the memories and amazing moments you’ve shared. When you look at it from the broad sense you see the value of getting those moments far outweighs the pain of their departure. It’s something (like all the lessons the dog has shown us) applies to every aspect of your life.

No matter what you do things will end. You can try to shelter yourself from life… Do everything you can to push people away and hide from the universe. None of that will stop you from experiencing loss though. You will hold yourself out from living though…. There’s a final invoice for everything. Some things just happen to be more expensive than others… It’s why the greater the moments shared the greater the loss….

Have had this song stuck in my head the entire time I’ve been writing, feel it needs to be included…

For all you cat people out there, don’t get me wrong. I do love cats. We’ve (say we though really both have been Loki’s) had two of the worst felines ever to walk the earth (swear Dany is Smitty returned). But look at this face and tell me she’s not plotting our demise-



3 thoughts on “5 lessons I learned from my dogs

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