33 years later….

After putting my mom through 72 hours of labor pains, breaking her breast bone kicking her sister down the stairs from the womb (trust me that sister deserved it), and coming out with the cord wrapped around my neck- finally entered this world 33 years ago (and a day). Always get reflective on birthdays. I’ve changed little yet a lot over the 12054 days of my life. No longer am I always looking to start a fight. Over the past few years have become a lot more positive of a person than I used to be. Still love black metal, but my musical tastes have gone full circle as I find myself listening to more folk and country now a days as I did in my youth. Sports no longer consume my life, they’re an escape but don’t live and die by their success and failure as I once did.

My wife has been through it all. Our friendship started 17 years ago (have now known her over half my life). We were there for each other through the good relationships and the bad. She was the one constant in my life outside my family, and after our last failed relationships 10 years ago we decided to take ours to a new level and the past 5 plus years of my life we have been married. I am very lucky to say I am with my best friend.

Speaking of friends many have come and gone over the years, with some returning after years of non-communication. There are a few who’s friendship go beyond that word, people who are more chosen family. People who I can count on in my worst times to be there. Vaping has brought me some of the most important people into my life. Snow sir, Rocco sir, and Ms. Stephanie being three that stand out. Too many names to mention but you all know who you are and how much you mean to me.

Would be an idiot if I didn’t mention my dogs. The animals who have been friends when I had no one else. Whether they are still with me or taken a break from this existence each have left their mark. Clancy, Jason, Demon, Sovie, Loki, Mario, Jamie, and Biggie.

Looking back am a bit shocked I made it to 33…. Glad I’m here though, and am grateful for the people who have entered into my life. The struggles have shaped me, but they’re all worth it for where I am today.


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