Hoping it’s not another torn CCL….

It was over 5 years ago we adopted Loki. We had no idea what he was at the time, or any of his medical history. Shelter listed him as a corgi mix. We just fell in love with his gigantic head, odd shaped body, and tiny chicken legs. As he grew more comfortable with us, his true nature emerged. He was a high energy, stubborn, athletic dog. Weighing only 42lbs or so he had a bark of a dog much larger, and strength that defied his stature. There was a cost though to his design. 6 months in to him living with us he was playing with his brother Smitty (a cat) and let out the most heart wrenching sound imaginable. He refused to put any weight on his back right leg and went and hid in the bathroom. A vet visit later revealed he tore his CCL….

Loki 2

Again his design lead to complications. X-rays and MRI’s showed just how small his leg bones are, and also showed he had a 38 degree slope to his knee. Not something you see in a corgi, but in a bulldog, boxer, pit bull, or bull terrier. Surgery went well, but 3 days in he realized he could put weight on it again, and while we followed everything the vet told us, couldn’t stop him from doing damage despite being confined to one room. He freaked out as we were getting ready to give him a walk, and ended up using the front bolt from his TPLO surgery to break the front of his tibia where his knee connected to it. 2 weeks in a cast, 12 weeks of rehab later his back to normal though. In this time our vet asked for us to do a DNA test so they would know better what to expect in the future medically. Loki is a miniature bull terrier, boxer, Tibetan Mastiff, dogue de Bordeaux mix with a few other mixes. Explained the bark, spotted tongue, and why he’s shaped the way he is. A year and a half later he would tear his left CCL. Wasn’t as expensive as the first, we knew what not to do (he was in a cast for a week after the surgery). All told Loki is the most expensive dog we’ve ever owned with his medical bills topping 15 grand.

This is why today I’m freaking out. His adopted brother Mario, who is shaped almost exactly like him though a different mix (AmStaff and pug), has done something to his right rear leg. He is at least walking on it, we never heard him scream in pain, but he’s not jumping or running or just being his usual self. When Loki tore his we had the money to fix his knees. In fact everything I made from my second job which I was let go from over a year ago pretty much went to fixing him and paying off his prior surgery. We just don’t have the funds this time around. Hoping it’s just a strain, but you can see why I fear the worst. Any fellow dog lovers please send some positive thoughts and energy Mario’s way. If it turns out to be the worst case scenario will be doing a go fund me or booster account for him. He doesn’t deserve to be in pain, or not be able to be his crazy self. Can’t help but feel I’ve failed him by not being able to do like I did for Loki… Mario is like my son, as I’ve been typing this he’s been laying on the floor beside me.

Mario face


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