The joy of hate mail….

Well I called it. Knew last night as soon as I posted the latest episode of MoM (6-22-15) there was going to be some backlash. It’s something I’ve gotten quite used to since doing podcasts for over 2 years now. I kind of enjoy it though. Love how people can come up with new ways to insult me, some are downright hilarious. Others, like being told to kill myself or just die come off as hack. If you’re going to write hate mail or comments at least put some effort into it. When I sent letter after letter to Peter Jackson for his piss poor rendition of Lord of the Rings, always made sure to find new ways to attack in each paragraph. Telling someone to die is easy, telling them you hope they’re hit by a bus and left paralyzed and speechless in the hospital for months, and the only thing they can feel is when the orderly treats them like catholic priest does a supple 5 year old altar boy takes some thought. Just something to keep in mind next time you sit down to criticize someone’s work….


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