Yes, I actually wrote this e-mail….

Sent it to the MD branch of the ACLU. It’s half joking, and half serious. If it gets me declared God Emperor, there’s no way I’m not taking the title.

I made a declaration on June 12th 2015. This was after we were all forced to accept Caitlyn Jenner as a woman despite her not having two gender reassignment surgeries, and of course Rachel Dolezal was found to be white, after using what pretty much amounted to black face to move her way up to head of the NAACP in WA. Now gay marriage has passed. More and more we must accept what people claim they are born as Despite whatever issues any person or group might have against it. There are posters all around DC saying you can be anything. I was told many times I could be whatever I wanted to be growing up. That was until I stated what I wanted….

You see I’ve always wanted to be God Emperor. Would prefer the whole universe, but can accept being only God Emperor of the world for now. It’s something I’ve always felt in my heart that I am. I openly declared it, and yet no one has accepted my rule yet. This is bullying to the extreme. I was born this way. Yet every day I have to go to work, pay taxes, and behave in a way society wants me to when in truth it is society who should be following my lead. If we accept Ms. Jenner for her sexual condentation, Ms. Dolezal’s claim of race, why does my claim lack merit?

This is not something I just declared overnight. You can ask any of my friends or family that I have always felt since the first time I saw the Emperor in Star Wars that this was what I should be. Reading Frank Herbert’s epic masterpiece “God Emperor of Dune” only furthered the longing in my DNA to say I am the rightful ruler. My favorite band of all time is Emperor. Was listening to them on my drive home.

So as you can see, the fact my rule is not being accepted is a violation of my rights to be who I want to be. It’s crushing of dreams, spirit, and a degradation no human should have to accept. I need the ACLU to protect my civil liberty as rightful ruler of this planet. Thank you.

Morandir Draugmor


One thought on “Yes, I actually wrote this e-mail….

  1. Well it’s been 5 days no response, so had this to send them today-

    I have yet to get any response. Can’t help but feel you’re not taking my rights being violated seriously. How can you call yourselves an organization for defending people’s civil liberties when you’re over looking my right to be God Emperor. You can’t defend one’s stance of being born this way and not defend another’s. Do I need to take my grievances to the media? This is an outrage that you let me continue to be bullied in such a manner.


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