Everything keeps falling apart….

The past 2 years have been rough. They’ve both have had a few bright spots, but on the whole they’ve been downright shitty. I have my health at least (watch this jinx that now). The past month and half though has had to be the worst. Mario injured his back, my wife found out she was being demoted, my job continued to suck, list went on. It was all balanced out though by the support of so many friends when it came to Mario, and still had the deep seated feeling things would get better come September….

I was wrong. Wife went from being demoted to fired. An incident I still can’t talk about at my job took place and have no clue what will happen until tomorrow. Normally this is where I would be stressed to all hell and trying to figure out what to do. Instead I just don’t care anymore. I’m tired of giving shit. I just need my wife, my dogs, and my friends, and fuck everything else. Hey if I get fired there are other options out there and at least I’ll have more time to write and come up with new ideas for the podcast.

This past episode I know I went too dark, which is why instead of me recording am doing this blog entry. Weird part was it was a different friend than usual to let me know I was going to the bad place. That’s the cost of doing a show by yourself, no one there to pull you out of the abyss until after the fact. I listened to it the prior afternoon before my buddy sent me the message, already had the same feeling. So volume 3 of Peter Jackson will be pushed back until I can balance my anger with laughter again. Seriously doubt it will be this week.

Message has been heard loud and clear though universe. It’s time for a change. Once my wife gets back from her recharge trip with Loki we’re going to discuss our options. We’re not giving up, but it’s clear there’s nothing more for us in our current state.