Sometimes a song is more than a song…

Call it whatever you will- coincidence, fate, dilutional thinking, really don’t care. When something major shifts in my life, one of the many bands I happen to be a big fan of finds a way to word it in a song better than I ever could. It’s like the soundtrack has been written before the movie so to speak. Emperor’s “With Strength I burn” was probably the first instance of this happening. I was 15, did everything my own way without a regard to what was right or wrong and gave zero shits on the consequences. “Even though I nothing learned, with strength I burned” summed up my teenage years to a T, though it still fits me to this day so not sure if I ever have really grown up since then… R.E.M.’s “New Test Leper” was from the same time period and in the same vein. I had just been told by my childhood friend of 10 years that I was a horrible person and would burn in hell because of my beliefs and what music I listened to (King Diamond specifically), even though nothing had changed about me since we first met except now my views were out in the open, two weeks prior to the release of New Adventures in HiFi. Like with “Strength I Burn” it remains a core song or anthem to my life. Both are one on my funeral playlist along with many others mention and not mentioned in this post (people will need music to listen to as they throw my rotting newspaper wrapped corpse from a moving vehicle after all).

There’s been many a song that hit just the right spot in my psyche during break ups. Bands like Counting Crows, R.E.M. again, Acheron, The Ravenous (“Dead, Cut Up, and Ready to Fuck” is the ultimate hate song for your ex, don’t care what anyone says), Iced Earth, list goes on filled those points. Perhaps none encapsulated better my feelings at the time than Barenaked Ladies album “Everything to Everyone” after the whole “Bitch” fiasco. “Testing 1-2-3” summed up every part of that relationship and it’s aftermath. Really the whole album could have been the soundtrack to that entire moment of my life. It’s the same reason why Counting Crows song “August and Everything After” (yes there is a song, it’s lyrics are on the cover of the album, but the song is not) sums up much of my “dating” life…. “Crazy as a Good Thing” by ilyAIMY has been my wife and I’s song from the first time we heard it. ilyAIMY is our band, neither laying claim to them as their favorite as we do with King Diamond, Emperor, R.E.M. (all mine), Nirvana, Sister Hazel, and Ani Difranco (all her’s) for example.

Since 9/11/15 our life has been turned upside down. Becca lost her job, a few weeks later she’s pregnant, I start a new part time job, which becomes my full time after finally filing my emancipation papers from CVS, it becomes my part time again and now am working full time for a single restaurant 37-41 hours a week, think you get the picture. Nothing sums up how I’m feeling right now better than a song from Ben Fold’s latest album- “I’m not the Man”. Yet again the universe has provided the soundtrack…


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