Who the hell is this guy?

I’ve gone by the nickname Morandir for a very long time, and been using it for my internet handle since way back in the talkcity chat room days. I’ve been vaping since December 23rd 2010 and plan to keep on doing so for the foreseeable future. I’m also heavily into comedy, black metal, computers, music in general (especially Alt Folk bands like ilyAIMY), talk radio, and defending free speech in all forms. This blog page is an extension of the show. Certain subjects (like the Ferguson situation) are better written instead of spoken. Others are so far out there can’t find a way to put them in the show. As you can see from the RSS feed, do two podcasts. Mind of Morandir (MoM) which is recorded 2-4 times a week whenever I feel like it and there really is no structure. I record whenever, try to limit the show to an hour, and the topics are all over the place. The lone exception being I keep the vape talk to a bare minimum on MoM (that’s what VR is for). The show is Explicit, though I’m doing my best to cut down on cussing as much as I have in the past. Always willing to have guests on, especially if it’s someone with a different view than my own. Anyone who wants to join can by either contacting me on facebook, twitter, or through e-mail.  Vapor Reporter (VR) is recorded every Friday at noon with Rocco sir and Ms. Stephanie, and is a Clean podcast. All the information for that show and everything vaping related go here.

Thank you for reading and/or listening to all my insanity. Hopefully you’ve either laughed at or learned something from what spews out of my brain….


5 thoughts on “Who the hell is this guy?

  1. morandir sir, thought I lost you, glad I hunted the interwebs to find this. I enjoy you shows and listen every week. One of these days we will have to do the skype thing.




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