It’s been a while

Had to take one of those steps back from social media for a bit. It was becoming far too consuming and tiresome all at once. I feel bad in some ways, neglected both this site and the vapor reporter site- but hey it happens. Life has been fast paced lately. We await the coming of the anti-Christ. So far she is doing well, and so is mommy. Though Becca did get annoyed with me for wanting to buy her age inappropriate toys the other day. I feel every kid needs a Silent Bob action figure. It’s Silent Bob damn it.¬†You would think knowing we’re less than 3 months away from her birth would be more stressful to me, but that’s the one thing I’m actually pretty calm about. My mother in law coming up here to help has eased a lot of the worries, and knowing that one of the two of us will be home every day all but 2 hours means no one person is going to be overwhelmed. Hell even the cat is acting better….

The only tough part is the finical situation. Money is very tight for the moment, but if we can just get through the next year and half things will truly lighten up. My credit card debt will be paid off, along with the car. She’s got a very bright future at her job, and after 17 years of slavery and stagnation I’m actually in a job with room to grow and a true future. I get to do what I love, drive, and bring people happiness- food. That’s the short term, learning everything I can about the restaurant and bar business because one day still hope to open one. Wonder if Tolkien would have an issue with me calling it the prancing pony?

Any ways have a lot to discuss. Might even do a MoM today, tried typing it up but discussion of faith and religion are easier for me audio wise than text. Until next time, thanks for reading.