Chapter I

“Someone left behind a large amount of water sir.”

“We’ll set up here for the night then. Get the shield blankets in place. Any contact from Lt. Babcock?”

“No sir. Amelia hasn’t returned from her perimeter search though.”

“You’re dismissed. Report back if you uncover anything.”

As the tall figure sits down he takes in his surroundings. Building looks to have been abandoned for some time, but the five drums of water says otherwise. No signs of scorching though or any of the other tale tell signs that anything amiss happened. The peeled pain on the walls and thick layer of dust covering the decayed furniture is comforting.

Supplies are his main concern. Water they needed, but unless they find food soon an ocean’s worth of freshwater won’t be of any service. One hundred ounces of protein mix is all that’s left for 5 people. They’re down to the last two charge packs. Soon the shield blankets will provide no protection. Getting out alive cost them all their ammunition. They have to rely on the edge weaponry just as the ancestors did long ago.

It’s been two weeks since they had to leave the safe house. Ronald paid for his mistake though. His corpse will be a message to any of the other cells that the site has been compromised. Not that it does any good…

Amelia entered the room, a steel safe in tow.

“I’ve found something sir. Broke my last pick set trying to open it though.”

“Let me give it a try.”

After a few tries the lock finally gave way. Inside were many stacks of cash. Worthless.

“I’m sorry sir.”

“Have you checked every room?”

“Yes. Found some old computers, a few faded scraps of paper, but nothing else. I think whoever left the water here was just using this place as a makeshift hiding place. I don’t think they ever left the basement after depositing them there. Found no footprints or any other signs of disturbance anywhere else.”

“What does your gut say?”

“This place isn’t safe sir. We’re still too close to the capitol. Lord Jaconis’ scanners have passed by 6 times in the 12 hours we’ve been here.”

“He won’t expect us to get closer. He won’t send any patrols in to check. As long as we avoid the scanners we’re safe. As far as he knows we died of frost in the mountains, unless he’s found a way to develop esp.”

“We have enough power for maybe two more days, after that the blankets will be useless. What then sir?”

“That’s what I’m debating. For now let’s hope Lt. Babcock comes through. He suggested this area.”

“Another reason I don’t trust this place sir. It was his brigade that brought down the safe house.”

“That is his job. Ronald was the one who brought attention to where we were. Babcock had no choice. He gave us what little opening he could to flee, but a price had to be paid. Keep that in mind, there’s always a receipt.”

“Yes sir.”

“You’re dismissed.”

The man went back to the desk. He rifled through the drawers, more faded papers and files. Looks like this used to be a finical institution of some sort. He spots a date on the corner, 6/18/2021. That means they’re not close to the capitol, but in it. The date of ascension. This had to be one of the first places evacuated. Poor bastards had no idea what they were in for…

It was at this moment he found a treasure- an old tablet. He held the power button down. As he expected nothing. They were still using lipo packs when it was made. Fact it wasn’t puffed out or burned meant the battery was intact. This gave him some hope and project to pass the time as he waited for Lt. Babcock.


This month needs to end…

Mario is home. He’s hasn’t eaten yet (not through lack of us trying), but he refuses to take his meds. Not sure when I’ll get to another podcast, may not be until Vapor Reporter on Saturday. Just taking it one day at a time. Know what I want to talk about, but not sure if I can get through it without breaking down. I’ll only say this, when someone who has nothing notices you’re upset and gives you a hug and offers their prayer (yes I know how weird that sounds from me, but I get where they’re coming from) and sympathy for your dog it truly shows the best side of humanity. Makes sense- money is the great ruin-er, those without are not tainted by the greed is breeds…. This month has been just a shitty for quite a few of my friends, and for their dogs. One of my best friends learned how much rattle snake anti-venom costs per vial and how much is needed for a 40 lbs four legged kid… And that was just the tip of his iceberg… So yeah, this month needs to end. Thank you all for your support, and for listening to my dumbass meander on about whatever. All I ask is please share Mario’s fundrazr page and send positive energy his way. Sleeping Mario

Morning shows are awful….

Well not all, but the ones on terrestrial radio sure as hell are. This morning my boss decided to listen to WPGC on a radio loud enough that even with my headphones the craptasticalness of it still bled through. This lead to a small twitter exchange-

No response back on the last reply as you can see. Not really shocked. Radio used to be fueled by controversy. Howard Stern (who I’m not a fan of) was the biggest guy in radio in the modern era because of the terrible things that would come out of his mouth on the air. He was kicked off the airways here in DC because of how much of nightmare he was to management. His antics brought in equal amounts of fan and hate mail. At the time of his departure though, he had tripled the ratings at WWDC. The more outlandish he was, the higher the ratings. His suspensions only furthered people’s interests as he went to new markets. Same could be said for Opie and Anthony. Every time they pushed the envelope their ratings went up with it. It wasn’t until the Sex for Sam incident where Infinity broadcasting pretty much suspended them for 2 1/2 years that the show stopped gaining popularity. Ratings were what brought in ADs…

The game changed though when Don Imus said three little words “Nappy Headed Ho’s”. Almost every radio DJ jumped up called for his firing. I still remember my co-worker at the time listening to Russ Parr on WKYS the next morning and hearing the entire cast of the show screaming about the need to fire him. A show that would constantly make Asian jokes and do the hacky accent (only acceptable in this day and age if you have a puppet named Chinky- RIP you loveable piece of felt).

This is what changed radio. Hosts no longer stood up for another’s right to Free Speech. They told the advertisers it was OK to pull out on a show despite it’s ratings. They brought their own house down when they set Imus’s on fire. It has only gotten worse every year since. Sirius is almost as bad, and I give them 4 years before they’re exactly the same. Why I was happy “Race Wars” is still on iTunes and SoundCloud because I know at some point they’re going to have an issue with something Kurt or Sherrod sirs says. Podcasts are the last vestige of free speech and creative content out there, only problem is making a living from them is much harder as of this moment. Why so many people give up on doing them after a while. I digress though.

There’s many to blame for what radio has become. The FCC, Bill Clinton, and the heads of the broadcasting corporations all have a share in it. What has been overlooked is a majority of radio hosts are just as guilty as the rest. They opened the door for ratings to no longer matter, what was important is that no one sends in any complaints regarding content.

Some possible changes coming to the feed…

Still working on the very long post I started before the 4th of July. The events in Chatanooga TN lead to even more rambling and anger… I digress though. This post is about the future of the RSS feed.

A little while ago launched the micro-cast Good Morning With Demons. It was a strangely successful. Had 50 some odd listens before I even added it to the feed, got a lot of e-mails from people who really liked it. So it will continue. Can’t say it will be every week as it takes a lot out of my voice. Another show is in the works. Not going to give too much detail on it, save my part will only be to produce, record, and post. What this all means is planning on changing the name of the SoundCloud, well at least the feed. Thinking Draugmor Productions- why because it already is a made up last name, love the sound of it, and what it translates to Rocco is not a fan of using. If this happens the logo will be updated, still will have Mario but Loki will be included as well.

So there’s some site news. VR and MoM aren’t going anywhere, just expanding the line up. The numbers have been going up every episode. Fact there are over 100 people listening to my dumbass just talk on MoM is not only very humbling, but shocking. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone for listening. Now I just have to get better about writing blogs. Really wish here were more hours in the day at times….

Yes, I actually wrote this e-mail….

Sent it to the MD branch of the ACLU. It’s half joking, and half serious. If it gets me declared God Emperor, there’s no way I’m not taking the title.

I made a declaration on June 12th 2015. This was after we were all forced to accept Caitlyn Jenner as a woman despite her not having two gender reassignment surgeries, and of course Rachel Dolezal was found to be white, after using what pretty much amounted to black face to move her way up to head of the NAACP in WA. Now gay marriage has passed. More and more we must accept what people claim they are born as Despite whatever issues any person or group might have against it. There are posters all around DC saying you can be anything. I was told many times I could be whatever I wanted to be growing up. That was until I stated what I wanted….

You see I’ve always wanted to be God Emperor. Would prefer the whole universe, but can accept being only God Emperor of the world for now. It’s something I’ve always felt in my heart that I am. I openly declared it, and yet no one has accepted my rule yet. This is bullying to the extreme. I was born this way. Yet every day I have to go to work, pay taxes, and behave in a way society wants me to when in truth it is society who should be following my lead. If we accept Ms. Jenner for her sexual condentation, Ms. Dolezal’s claim of race, why does my claim lack merit?

This is not something I just declared overnight. You can ask any of my friends or family that I have always felt since the first time I saw the Emperor in Star Wars that this was what I should be. Reading Frank Herbert’s epic masterpiece “God Emperor of Dune” only furthered the longing in my DNA to say I am the rightful ruler. My favorite band of all time is Emperor. Was listening to them on my drive home.

So as you can see, the fact my rule is not being accepted is a violation of my rights to be who I want to be. It’s crushing of dreams, spirit, and a degradation no human should have to accept. I need the ACLU to protect my civil liberty as rightful ruler of this planet. Thank you.

Morandir Draugmor

If the Union’s victory was the end of racism, why did we need the Civil rights movement?

A long title for a complicated topic. I touched up on this on the last episode of MoM, this was before Amazon, Walmart, and other companies decided to no longer sell anything with the rebel flag upon it. Even though sales were up by 5000% on these items days before hand. Funny how we are in this country, when something is in danger of being pulled from the shelves we stock up on it. Look at how much gun sales increased after what happened in Newtown CT two and a half years ago. Alabama, the heart of Dixie, has removed the flag from its capitol. I get it, media pressure and marketing strategists says it’s the right thing to do. But lost in all this is what’s really going on. We’ve shifted the sites from a terrible act by a crazed individual and the victims who opened the door to him who lost their lives to targeting a piece of cloth that is part of our heritage (however much we want to distance ourselves from it). I really don’t care if the flag stays up or down, it’s just a symbol. Just as the accepted American flag with it’s 13 bars and 50 stars is a symbol. We want to white wash away the sins of the Confederacy, while ignoring the sins of the Union. How easily we forget History is always written by the victor.

I asked a question on that episode that despite the 40 some odd e-mails of hatred I’ve gotten no one has addressed. If the Civil War was about slavery and equal rights to African Americans and other minorities, why then did we need the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s? Yes at the end of the war slavery was abolished, but it would have been no matter what side had won. Money, just as today, ruled the world. England, France, pretty much all of the economic powers of Europe abolished it first. They were no longer going to have business dealing with the US if we kept the practice going. What didn’t change was how black people (and let’s not forget women in this discussion who had to wait another 50 years to get their right to vote, 4 amendments later) were treated. They were still second class citizens in the eyes of both the North and South, though at least the men were given voting rights. There was a difference between the two areas, a difference the epitomized by the leaders of the movement in those areas.

The South had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to lead the way. A man who wanted equality between all the races. His iconic “I Have A Dream” speech is timeless and message still rings clear. The line that I always go back to and quote- “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” To see beyond skin tone, ancestors, history, and judge people for who they are here and now by their actions was his goal.

The North had Malcolm X. A man who preached the superiority of the black race, called for segregation, wanted all African Americans to be returned to their homeland and until that was done a separate country made for them here in the USA. He was controversial, angry, and simply fed up by the actions of “White” America. He wanted atonement for the past, not a just a moving on from it.

We are all shaped by our environment. You can move away from a place, but it will always be a part of you no matter how many miles you go. In the South racism has always been in the open. It was worn on the sleeves of those who practiced it, and shown openly by businesses. It was there in your face to be dealt with. You were told you could not sit here, or use this water fountain, or any other stupid act this nation was guilty of bluntly because of the color of your skin. It was something all could see and in turn be faced head on, and because of that there was less frustration and anger in actions against it. The North though was far more insidious with their racism. It was done under the table so to speak. You weren’t given a reason why we weren’t being served. If you were black in the north from the end of the Civil War until the 70’s, you were treated well to your face, while behind your back much was being done against you…. It’s like when you have a passive aggressive person in your life. They will infuriate you many times more than someone who is just openly aggressive towards you. This is what shaped Malcolm X.

See again how history is written by the victor? The North would always point to the how they won the Civil War meaning they were “good” and cared about African Americans. Yet their actions showed otherwise. Slavery was dropped as I said earlier from the goals of the Confederacy early on due to economic reasons. Same reason the North was always going to abolish it. The war was about States Rights and less dependency on the Federal Government versus A strong Federal Government with weakened State’s Rights. It’s why today even though there are states whose residents have stated and gotten marijuana legalized, they still could be arrested by the Federal Government because they still consider weed illegal. It’s been perverted into a simplistic meaning that’s easy to digest and fed to the masses. It’s summing a complicated issue down to one word and using it to divide.

I don’t care what flag is flown, but if we’re going to take down one because of the actions associated with it, we can’t overlook the history of the American Flag. It too was a rebel flag. Our ancestors made it in defiance of Great Brittan stating we would no longer be under their tyranny. Slavery started in this country and continued under it until 1865. Where people keep comparing the Confederate flag to that of the Nazi party, that is truly the pot calling the grass green. Those same ancestors under the American flag have committed acts of genocide that would make Hitler jealous. How many tribes of Native Americans remain? The ones that do are relegated to reserves in places our forefathers and the powers in charge at the time deemed unfit for living. Manhattan was purchased for the just under $1000 US today’s economy. That is less than my monthly mortgage payment. You can’t call out the crimes of another without looking at your own…

So how do we really fix what’s going on? There’s no quick answer. We need to have a long discussion as a nation addressing all the issues. This means we have to get racial. A word that gets far too often confused with racist. Being racial is talking about our differences. It’s joking about these differences. It’s discussing it without ill intent, yet bringing them to light. Once those are acknowledged people can move on to what really matters. Racism is the exact opposite of being racial. It’s hating someone for their differences, and in the worst case scenarios like what happened in South Carolina it’s shown through action not words. There’s no moving on with discussion, it’s being locked and refusing to budge. It’s a conversation ender. Much like when you have political discussion with someone and they’re so republican or democrat they’re blinded to hearing the other side. Being racial gets conversations started, it acknowledges the differences and through that we can find our common ground. It’s why racial comedians can bring people together (comedians like Patrice O’Neal, Colin Quinn, Sherrod Small, Kurt Metzger, list goes on). It’s going to be ugly, some people will be offended and have their feelings hurt, but silence and skirting the issues only leads to violence. Which I think history has proven time and time again is not the solution by any means. Simply removing a flag and not discussing the situation cures nothing….