Some Xmas thoughts….

Christmas has always been weird for me. I liked presents as a little kid (who didn’t?), but never understood the concept really. We get gifts because Jesus was born on this date and three wise men gave him spices and gold, or because some fat dude comes down a chimney handing out presents to the good boys and girls. That just didn’t sit right with me. Having actually read the bible as a child/young teen (started it when I was 9, finished it by the time I was 13) realized early on Christ was born around the same time he died, tax season. So his birthday is not December 25th, but far closer to Easter. It wasn’t like our parents were giving us rare metals and exotic culinary additives either. Toys, clothing, and a few sweets. Think we got the better end of the deal though, at least we could use or amuse ourselves with the gifts we got. What the hell was Jesus going to do with spice?

Santa was a whole other issue. I was always creeped out by him. Used to sneak downstairs with a small baseball bat (the miniature ones you buy for kids at ballgames) and wait with my dog Clancy by the fire place. He wasn’t sneaking into my house to watch me to sleep. I mean think about it, here’s a guy who watches every move you make apparently. He knows when you’re sleeping, when you’re awake. He wants you to sit on his lap and tell him what you want. Then enters your house though illicit means to give you gifts. Nothing is for free. Santa was pulling the Cosby routine on kids long before we even brought attention to child touchers. At least that’s always been my theory…

Next year will be the first Xmas with our kid. He/She (don’t know the sex yet, we think girl though) will be 6 months. We haven’t decided yet how we’re going to explain the holiday to them. Neither one of us want to force any religion or philosophy down their throat, and there’s no way I’m using Santa to keep them in line (you be good and he’ll give you gifts for molesting you, bad and he gives you coal yet still a good rodgering afterwards). Wife’s idea is to use Dumbledore, which I really don’t have too much an issue with. The key message I want to pass on to though is really what this time of year is truly supposed to be about, showing the people in your life you care about some appreciation. The biggest gift you can give is time. Material things come and go, they’ll be a few items that will transcend the years, but the being there and memories built from it are what stay long after.