No podcast last week…

We have told the news to a few people, but at my wife’s request we’re still not announcing it to the world just yet. The second official episode of Good Morning With Demons has done surprisingly well. Just wasn’t up to doing a new episode this week, couldn’t get my voice right for Abe. I don’t use any vocal processing on that show and refuse to. If I can’t do it naturally, what’s the point?

This is my last week of being on the payroll of my job of 16 years. As expected was told just take my two weeks vacation and go. I could have done a lot of horrible things on my way out, but decided it would be better to go on as good of terms as possible. Didn’t have the FU money to outright quit and fly up to Woonsocket to play bongos on the CEO’s skull Homer Simpson style (my ultimate wish, one day it will happen, just not now). We went to go see ilyAIMY on Halloween (Happy birthday again Ms. Heather) a lot of people noticed something different about me. The reason is simple, I’m happy. I’m doing a job where I make my own hours, only people I have to answer to are the restaurants and customers I’m delivering to, and making more money doing a lot less work. The easiest part of my old job was driving in DC, that is now the hardest part of my job. I actually enjoy driving in the city.

Mario is doing great, he’ll soon be ready to visit people, and as Becca just reminded me we need to get out the thank you cards soon. Some days he’s as good as he used to be, others he’s still a little wobbly. He’s jumping, running, and humping though. Our only issue is something I can’t talk about yet….


Last night had a great time talking with my buddy Cloudie from Let’s Vape and YouTube fame. Did a nice little segment for LV about LiPo’s. Can’t wait to get to do a full show with him and Vick….

God damn do I have a lot I want to share, not only here but on the podcast. Hoping to record one Thursday night with my good buddy Raul, and in the near future a MoM with Cloudie. I just can’t say anything really personal until Nov. 27th….


Everything keeps falling apart….

The past 2 years have been rough. They’ve both have had a few bright spots, but on the whole they’ve been downright shitty. I have my health at least (watch this jinx that now). The past month and half though has had to be the worst. Mario injured his back, my wife found out she was being demoted, my job continued to suck, list went on. It was all balanced out though by the support of so many friends when it came to Mario, and still had the deep seated feeling things would get better come September….

I was wrong. Wife went from being demoted to fired. An incident I still can’t talk about at my job took place and have no clue what will happen until tomorrow. Normally this is where I would be stressed to all hell and trying to figure out what to do. Instead I just don’t care anymore. I’m tired of giving shit. I just need my wife, my dogs, and my friends, and fuck everything else. Hey if I get fired there are other options out there and at least I’ll have more time to write and come up with new ideas for the podcast.

This past episode I know I went too dark, which is why instead of me recording am doing this blog entry. Weird part was it was a different friend than usual to let me know I was going to the bad place. That’s the cost of doing a show by yourself, no one there to pull you out of the abyss until after the fact. I listened to it the prior afternoon before my buddy sent me the message, already had the same feeling. So volume 3 of Peter Jackson will be pushed back until I can balance my anger with laughter again. Seriously doubt it will be this week.

Message has been heard loud and clear though universe. It’s time for a change. Once my wife gets back from her recharge trip with Loki we’re going to discuss our options. We’re not giving up, but it’s clear there’s nothing more for us in our current state.

This month needs to end…

Mario is home. He’s hasn’t eaten yet (not through lack of us trying), but he refuses to take his meds. Not sure when I’ll get to another podcast, may not be until Vapor Reporter on Saturday. Just taking it one day at a time. Know what I want to talk about, but not sure if I can get through it without breaking down. I’ll only say this, when someone who has nothing notices you’re upset and gives you a hug and offers their prayer (yes I know how weird that sounds from me, but I get where they’re coming from) and sympathy for your dog it truly shows the best side of humanity. Makes sense- money is the great ruin-er, those without are not tainted by the greed is breeds…. This month has been just a shitty for quite a few of my friends, and for their dogs. One of my best friends learned how much rattle snake anti-venom costs per vial and how much is needed for a 40 lbs four legged kid… And that was just the tip of his iceberg… So yeah, this month needs to end. Thank you all for your support, and for listening to my dumbass meander on about whatever. All I ask is please share Mario’s fundrazr page and send positive energy his way. Sleeping Mario

Hoping it’s not another torn CCL….

It was over 5 years ago we adopted Loki. We had no idea what he was at the time, or any of his medical history. Shelter listed him as a corgi mix. We just fell in love with his gigantic head, odd shaped body, and tiny chicken legs. As he grew more comfortable with us, his true nature emerged. He was a high energy, stubborn, athletic dog. Weighing only 42lbs or so he had a bark of a dog much larger, and strength that defied his stature. There was a cost though to his design. 6 months in to him living with us he was playing with his brother Smitty (a cat) and let out the most heart wrenching sound imaginable. He refused to put any weight on his back right leg and went and hid in the bathroom. A vet visit later revealed he tore his CCL….

Loki 2

Again his design lead to complications. X-rays and MRI’s showed just how small his leg bones are, and also showed he had a 38 degree slope to his knee. Not something you see in a corgi, but in a bulldog, boxer, pit bull, or bull terrier. Surgery went well, but 3 days in he realized he could put weight on it again, and while we followed everything the vet told us, couldn’t stop him from doing damage despite being confined to one room. He freaked out as we were getting ready to give him a walk, and ended up using the front bolt from his TPLO surgery to break the front of his tibia where his knee connected to it. 2 weeks in a cast, 12 weeks of rehab later his back to normal though. In this time our vet asked for us to do a DNA test so they would know better what to expect in the future medically. Loki is a miniature bull terrier, boxer, Tibetan Mastiff, dogue de Bordeaux mix with a few other mixes. Explained the bark, spotted tongue, and why he’s shaped the way he is. A year and a half later he would tear his left CCL. Wasn’t as expensive as the first, we knew what not to do (he was in a cast for a week after the surgery). All told Loki is the most expensive dog we’ve ever owned with his medical bills topping 15 grand.

This is why today I’m freaking out. His adopted brother Mario, who is shaped almost exactly like him though a different mix (AmStaff and pug), has done something to his right rear leg. He is at least walking on it, we never heard him scream in pain, but he’s not jumping or running or just being his usual self. When Loki tore his we had the money to fix his knees. In fact everything I made from my second job which I was let go from over a year ago pretty much went to fixing him and paying off his prior surgery. We just don’t have the funds this time around. Hoping it’s just a strain, but you can see why I fear the worst. Any fellow dog lovers please send some positive thoughts and energy Mario’s way. If it turns out to be the worst case scenario will be doing a go fund me or booster account for him. He doesn’t deserve to be in pain, or not be able to be his crazy self. Can’t help but feel I’ve failed him by not being able to do like I did for Loki… Mario is like my son, as I’ve been typing this he’s been laying on the floor beside me.

Mario face