A major announcement coming….

Not sure if I’ll break the news on a MoM or a VR. Let’s just say yet another change has taken place in our lives….

Have quite a lot of writing that I need to type up on here. Now that I can’t drive at my main job have nothing to do but write while sitting in the passenger seat in between stops. I’ve gotten 4 “chapters” of a story so to speak written, which will go up on here bit by bit…. There are a lot of rants and observations. Some like when the Ferguson incident took place just isn’t fit so much for the podcast but written word.

The sucky part is have even less time on my hands. The part time job is paying better than the full time. Might be switching that to my full time or lone job in the near future. Enjoy it more and a lot less stress despite driving in DC. People are happy when you bring them food. I need to find the time to get what I want done though. So sick of working constantly to pay the bills to be too tired to feed the soul…


This month needs to end…

Mario is home. He’s hasn’t eaten yet (not through lack of us trying), but he refuses to take his meds. Not sure when I’ll get to another podcast, may not be until Vapor Reporter on Saturday. Just taking it one day at a time. Know what I want to talk about, but not sure if I can get through it without breaking down. I’ll only say this, when someone who has nothing notices you’re upset and gives you a hug and offers their prayer (yes I know how weird that sounds from me, but I get where they’re coming from) and sympathy for your dog it truly shows the best side of humanity. Makes sense- money is the great ruin-er, those without are not tainted by the greed is breeds…. This month has been just a shitty for quite a few of my friends, and for their dogs. One of my best friends learned how much rattle snake anti-venom costs per vial and how much is needed for a 40 lbs four legged kid… And that was just the tip of his iceberg… So yeah, this month needs to end. Thank you all for your support, and for listening to my dumbass meander on about whatever. All I ask is please share Mario’s fundrazr page and send positive energy his way. Sleeping Mario https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/011l29

It’s going to be a busy week…

After a long talk with my co-worker today taking next week off after Sunday to try and heal. This is a good and bad thing. Bad I’m burning a week of vaca to recover. Good because I can hopefully get back to recording more shows (sitting has been an issue which is why I’ve only done one so far this week), not to mention finally get some figures posted on the latest testing I’ve been doing. Between all that will hopefully be going to an interview (need to change professions for health reasons, body can’t take the strain anymore). So expect to see a lot of activity.

On a side note found out this morning the dog we tried to rescue and get to the shelter yesterday who dodged us multiple times was picked up by animal control. I’m sure the little guy will be adopted quickly, and if not will be contacting some rescues if he’s up on PG’s site for more than 30 days. He deserves a good home.